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Firstly, the page on ÔÇťomoikane-blu3moÔÇÖs writing logicÔÇŁ has been updated. This page discusses the logic of generating new sentences by bringing in existing information. It also mentions the existence of bots that retrieve data from peopleÔÇÖs tweets, notes, books, etc., and generate sentences based on that. I find this attempt to automate the process of information retrieval, organization, and generation of new information very interesting. However, when retrieving private information, privacy issues need to be taken into account. I wonder how they are dealing with this?

Next is the page on ÔÇťomniÔÇŁ. Here, the logic of generating new pages using information from existing pages is explained. From the perspective of information reuse, I think this is a very useful endeavor. It also mentions the experience of reading books by automatically retrieving information related to topics of interest. I find this very appealing as it allows for efficiently obtaining information tailored to oneÔÇÖs interests.

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The page ÔÇťTrying omoikaneÔÇŁ reports that omoikane-embed-core and omoikane-vec-search were successfully run locally. This is a crucial step in trying out new technologies in oneÔÇÖs own environment.

The page ÔÇťAgents - Liquid CityÔÇŁ discusses Liquid CityÔÇÖs short film. I think gaining new perspectives and ways of thinking through visual works is very beneficial.

The page ÔÇťLab List of InterestÔÇŁ introduces a list of research labs and faculty members of interest. I believe this is an important step in clarifying oneÔÇÖs own interests and research direction.

The page ÔÇťThe Temporal Environment of Two DimensionsÔÇŁ discusses communication and world-building in VR spaces. I find this very interesting as it explores new forms of communication.

These are the latest updates. It is inspiring to see everyoneÔÇÖs enthusiasm for trying out new technologies and ideas. I look forward to more exciting developments in the future.

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