The Symbolic Systems Program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate and Master’s program, offered by the departments of Computer Science, Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, and the School of Education. Students take foundational courses in these disciplines and then specialize in a concentration area by taking five courses. One of the suggested concentrations is Human-Computer Interaction. The Master’s program is now open to applicants from outside Stanford as well.

  • Feeling really drawn to this (blu3mo).
    • After finding this, Stanford has become my top choice.
    • On a side note, after researching various universities, I felt like Cognitive Science was just a rebranded version of this program.
      • Cognitive Science - with a touch of Tech.
        • Something like that (?)
      • Well, regardless, my interest hasn’t changed.

Stanford’s Symbolic Systems program bridges the gap between humanity and technology.

A symbolic system is generally a system which computes and communicates using symbols. The two obvious and outstanding examples are, of course, minds and computers, and symbolic systems as a field is very much concerned with these two phenomena.

  • Seems to have a strong focus on HCI.


    • You can learn CS through boot camps or other means besides university.
    • But I want to learn things that can only be learned in a university setting.
    • Interdisciplinary.