Choices in My Life

Prompt: Please tell us about the choices you made in your life that you think have made your life better, and how did you come to know about those choices? @nishio May 6, 2021

  • Reflecting on about 17 years of my life#possible topic for an essay
    • (Writing “17 years of life” suddenly makes me feel like it’s short)
      • When comparing it to a company that has been around for 17 years, it does seem short.

I will write about it properly later.

  • Enrolled in GKA (a school from kindergarten to high school)

    • Basically my parents’ decision (since I was in the last year of kindergarten)
    • I think my parents said they went to a school information session out of curiosity because they heard that a new school was opening nearby.
  • Participated in FLL Robotics Competition (in 3rd grade)

    • I found out about it through an introduction email from my mother’s friend.
      • I guess they sent it assuming that I liked science-related things at that time.
    • At this age, I wouldn’t be involved in many communities, so the sources of information were limited to my parents or teachers.
  • Although I’ve mentioned it in previous tweets, I don’t feel like it’s something I would list here.

    • Before being selected, I failed the initial screening twice for the “未踏” program (due to submission errors), and once in the second screening, so there is a significant time gap between knowing and being selected.
    • It gradually became closer, so there was no specific moment of “knowing at this timing.”
    • Oh, but there might be something related to Professor Takeuchi during the “u22” program.
  • I would like to think about how things would have turned out if I hadn’t made those choices.

    • Well, it doesn’t really matter.