From “Asymmetric Reality in Space”

“Subjective-Based Asymmetric Reality”

  • This approach involves gradually constructing a shared reality from a state of 0% sharing.
    • 0%
    • 25%: Avatars of each other become visible.
    • 50%: Interactions involving each other’s avatars are shared.
    • 75%: Potential interactions involving each other’s avatars are shared.
    • 100%: Everything, including interactions where avatars do not interact, is shared.

It feels like “one’s reality” and “others’ reality” are expanding gradually.

  • At a minimum, it might involve only hands and heads.
  • From there, it expands to the entire body, interactions involving the body, potential interactions, and more.

When “one’s body” interacts with “others’ bodies,” or when “one interacts with something,” and the other also interacts, alignment is necessary.

  • Otherwise, it is unnecessary.

On the client side, each object sends information to other clients like “This object should be positioned relative to my avatar at this location (degree of necessity n%).”

  • The degree of necessity is determined based on how likely it is to interact at the current moment. If already interacting, it’s 100%. The receiving client then integrates this information into the world in order of priority.

  • Interaction includes:

    • Touching
    • Making eye contact
    • And so on
  • If you want to play dominoes…