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The setting of this project is to create a warehouse where the field of view of others who are simultaneously looking at what the viewer is looking at is “montaged” (edited) in real time to their own field of view. The audience wears a camera-equipped HMD (Head Mounted Display) and through it, they see multiple objects and dancers entering and exiting the warehouse as they walk around. The combination of camera input and HMD display images is controlled by a computer that identifies the direction of the audience’s gaze using sensors. As a result, each viewer experiences a video where the scenery of everyone (including themselves) who is looking at what they are focusing on switches like in a movie, with intervals of a few hundred milliseconds, as their own field of view. All processes are done in real time and dynamically, allowing the audience to freely choose what they want to see at any time while maintaining the awareness of “I am looking at that” and experiencing the field of view of others. (However, it is natural that their own body is often reflected through the camera of others.) In addition, movies about objects that attracted the audience’s gaze at that time are displayed on the walls.