(Information Science Master) Lecture on Computer Graphics by Professor Kenji Igarashi.

  • Definition: Shape processing in the field of computer graphics (shape representation, shape generation, shape deformation, etc.).
  • Shape Representation
    • Parametric Surface
    • Subdivision Surface: Ensures continuity at the seams (smooth?) (by the president of Pixar).
      • Recursively subdivides to achieve smoothness.
    • Weighted Subdivision Surface
      • Allows setting sharpness weights for each edge.
      • Can handle cases where only one edge of an object needs to be sharpened.
      • Also a patent by Pixar.
  • How to perform deformation
    • Free Form Deformation
      • Distorts space by manipulating control points (like a cage surrounding the object).
    • As-rigid-as Possible Deformation
      • Grabs and moves points within the object.