• My name is Kiritaro Aoyama, a second-year student at Columbia University.
    • Majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Philosophy.
  • Next summer, I will be interning under Mr. Kasahara at Sony CSL / OIST.
    • The theme and research methods of Cybernetic Humanity align with what I am passionate about exploring. I believe that through this research experience, I can gain insights and skills that are unique and invaluable.
    • My summer break is from mid-May 2024 to the end of August.

Below, I have summarized my interests, past development/research, and what I can do/would like to work on.

Research Interest

  • Moving from abstract to more specific descriptions:
  • Abstractly, I am interested in exploring designs and experiments that deviate from traditional ones based on physical constraints.
  • Specifically, I am interested in experiences where people share partially different realities.
    • Asymmetric Reality
    • I am contemplating the design of a reality where subjective worlds are partially shared without assuming an external objectivity detached from oneself, leading to an intersubjective world.
    • A reality where people experience either entirely the same reality or completely different individually optimized realities like an Experiential Machine.
  • More specifically,
  • Subjective time
    • I am particularly interested in the manner of communication under a sense of relative time.
      • I believe that under relative time perception, communication takes on a form different from the conventional “everyone sharing a linear timeline.”
      • However, much of the existing research focuses on an individual’s perception of time.
      • I am interested in the interaction between entities (primarily humans) perceiving time in this environment.
      • Other pages accessible from Exploration of Virtual Time contain a compilation of my thoughts and experiments.


  • The research topics of Cybernetic Humanity closely align with my interests, which I have been passionate about for some time.
  • What I can do/would like to work on
    • Development of experimental systems
      • With experience in developing various platforms and technologies, I can contribute to a wide range of projects.
        • Specifically, I have experience in development using various technologies, including languages like Swift, Kotlin, Java, Typescript, C++, Ruby, frontend technologies like iOS, Android, Web (React), Unity, backend technologies like Firebase, MySQL, GCP (Compute Engine), MongoDB, and libraries like OpenCV, Tensorflow, PyTorch.
      • I have experience in developing and operating experimental systems for subjects, including user testing during the Miraikan project and research on VR during high school.
      • I am willing to catch up on any new technologies before the start of the internship.
    • Cycle of “researching through experience”
      • From what I have gathered from listening to lecture videos, it seems that my interest in Exploring New Models through Implementation closely aligns with the work being done in this field.- By actively participating in research, I aim to absorb the thought process and practical knowledge within this cycle.

Past Development/Research

Thank you for taking the time to read this amidst your busy schedule. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated.