Table of Contents:

­čĄö Direction of the project Ôťů Progress report ­čŤá Prototype ­čŚô Future plans

­čĄö Change in direction

Before (Boost Meeting):


  • Watching real-time classroom videos asynchronously on a tablet
  • Adjusting playback speed and other settings to enhance learning


  • Manipulating time = cutting synchronization between students and teachers

  • In this case, dialogue between students becomes important

  • What medium can be used for dialogue? Ôćĺ Utilizing ÔÇťnotesÔÇŁ

  • Writing annotations on videos as ÔÇťvideo notesÔÇŁ and sharing them with others

  • Viewing other studentsÔÇÖ video notes synchronously or pseudo-synchronously

    • Synchronous:
      • Watching the same video at the same time
      • Two-way communication through text
    • Pseudo-synchronous:
      • Watching the same video at different times
      • One-way communication
  • Functionality as notes

    • The video around the time when a note is written is recorded along with the note
    • Reviewing with a TikTok-like UI
  • Writing on videos (notes) becomes a medium for communication between students


Reasons for using notes as a medium

  • ÔÇťNotesÔÇŁ are already familiar

    • Many students are already taking notes
    • It can be used as a means of communication as an extension of that
      • Even students who are not actively engaging can participate
  • ÔÇťNotesÔÇŁ are written for oneself

    • A mixed environment of synchronous and pseudo-synchronous interactions
      • = Not guaranteed to receive reactions from others
    • ÔÇťNotesÔÇŁ are written for oneself
    • It allows for easy sharing of thoughts without being overly conscious of othersÔÇÖ presence
  • Some lag is acceptable

    • (Compared to audio/video)
  • Goal: Enable effective dialogue between students in asynchronous classes between teachers and students

Ôťů Progress

  • Backend for video streaming

    • nginx-rtmp module
    • Streaming client Ôćĺ Server: RTMP
    • Server Ôćĺ Playback client: HLS
    • Lag with the streamer is about 3 seconds
  • Client-side application

    • Playback of HLS streaming using AVPlayer
    • Encryption of pen strokes
    • Sending and receiving strokes
      • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Consideration of direction

    • Organizing the dialogue that occurs in the classroom environment
    • Interviewing school teachers

­čŤá Prototype

­čŚô Future plans

  • User testing

    • Objective: Testing communication using annotations as a medium
      • Adjustment of student discrepancies is not implemented yet
    • Originally scheduled for this week
      • Postponed due to testing period, starting from the week after next
    • Gathering students with Apple Pencil on campus
  • Adjustment of student discrepancies

    • What kind of adjustment has a positive impact on understanding the class content
      • Improvement based on user testing
    • Google App Engine
  • Enhancement of functionality as a video note app

Challenges (Consultation)

  • (Relatively) objective verification method for student-to-student communication
    • Survey?
    • Is feedback/emotion-based approach sufficient in the beginning?

Feedback: [/blu3mo-private/Šť¬ŔŞĆ 8Šťłňá▒ňĹŐŃâĽŃéúŃâ╝ŃâëŃâÉŃââŃé»](Šť¬ŔŞĆ 8Šťłňá▒ňĹŐŃâĽŃéúŃâ╝ŃâëŃâÉŃââŃé»)