• I will try remixing the icon of Changing My Icon 2021 using the Midjourney feature to see what I can come up with.
    • If I create something really good, I might change it to that.
  • Insights:
    • If you want to bring out the original character, you need to provide its features as prompts.

In a simple abstract design:

  • image
  • It looks cool, but it doesn’t retain much of its original form.


  • image
  • It feels like a human and 3D CG version.

Illustration, character in space:

  • image
  • I see, the illustration has become more detailed.
  • I’m not really looking for this direction though.

Company logo, character, cartoon style:

  • image
  • Hmm, it’s different.

Simple design, astronaut, blue character, black background:

  • imageimageimage
  • Oh, it’s closer to what I had in mind (blu3mo)(blu3mo)
  • I only want to use one character though.

Simple design, astronaut, blue character on black space:

  • image
  • Oh~ (blu3mo)
    • Oh~ (axokxi)

Simple design, astronaut, blue character walking the surface of the moon:

  • image image

In a simple abstract design, blue character on black space:

  • image
  • The insight is that if you specify a blue character, it will retain its original form.

In a simple abstract design, blue character, astronaut on black space:

  • image

Abstract, character, black background:

  • image

Abstract simple design, blue character, astronaut, black background:

  • imageimage

Abstract design, simple shapes, blue character, black background:

  • image