• Test Date: 20211205
SubjectMaxGoalMinSundai Mock Test
Common Test English200190190I don’t know, maybe around 190
Common Test Japanese200140120129 (96+33)
Common Test Physics100807058
Common Test Chemistry100705037
Common Test Mathematics20016013099 (52+49)
Common Test Ethics Politics and Economics100807072
Total900720 (80%)630 (70%)585 (65%)
  • Notes

    • Organize later.
    • Classical was difficult, want to check the score.
    • For math and physics, it would be good to use symbols for marking answers.
    • English listening requires a sense of urgency as there is not much time for marking.
    • Use caffeine for English reading so as not to get sleepy.
      • It’s really long and it’s hard not to get sleepy.
    • Math is difficult.
      • I hope it’s because the question trends are different from IB.
      • Analyze the cause.
      • Chart is essential for countermeasures.
      • Also, practicing time management is important.
    • Ethics politics and economics, yesterday’s short-term memory helped.
    • Overall, there is a constant feeling that math and science are always consuming a small amount of translation resources.
      • Well, I just have to get used to it and solve past questions.
  • Study plan for the next three days

    • Math and Physics
      • Let’s do measures for the uncovered areas as a way to kill time, since I have motivation.
      • Memorize formulas right before the test, like the night before.
      • Leave going through charts for later.
    • Chemistry
      • Assuming that the first half is somewhat manageable, focus on cramming inorganic and organic knowledge.
    • Japanese Language
      • Modern literature seems fine.
      • Since preparing for kanbun (classical Chinese literature) seems easier than kobun (classical Japanese literature), focus on kanbun and give up on kobun.
    • Ethics politics and economics
      • Expect to be able to solve political and economic questions to some extent with common sense.
      • So, focus on ethics and cram in information.
    • English
      • Should be fine, leave it as is.
  • Strategy

    • Honestly, I don’t have the luxury to worry about it until the UC application.
    • After that, go full power for 5 days?
      • Based on the trends so far, I think progress is easier than with essays.
      • Actually, it’s supposed to be 3 days… lol
    • I have school and stuff, but it doesn’t matter.
      • Well, it depends on whether there are any benefits to going to school.
      • Well, I’ll go anyway.
    • It’s impossible to do everything, so let’s make choices.
  • This is really bad.

    • I’m busy with the UC application.
  • For now, the goals are

    • Setting short-term goals for Deadline Boost and cramming in information all at once.
    • I want to solve math past questions that I haven’t done because they’re a hassle.
    • Evaluating my abilities
      • I want to evaluate my abilities after improving my scores where I can improve by memorizing once.
    • Something obtained from the test at the test center
      • I don’t really understand, but I think there must be something to gain from taking it since everyone says it’s better to take it.
      • Some kind of unique tension?
        • They say you should take the test at the test center because you can feel the tension of the actual test? (kaya)
          • Is that really the case? (blu3mo)
        • Is it different from the SAT? (blu3mo)