from Introduction to Nietzsche (Chikuma Shobo) Fateful Love 運命愛 - Wikipedia

  • To accept the eternal recurrence and to accept the fate of this world as it is, and to love it.

  • In this case, it means that everything that exists in this world exists necessarily. In life, there are not only desirable things, but also many terrifying, evil, and eerie things that are considered as the dark side. Furthermore, there are also many pains that arise from them. The point is not only to endure these things, but to love them as desirable things.

  • If we simply perceive these things as mere dark sides, it would be nothing more than nihilism. The logic of fateful love is to go beyond the state of nihilism, where even things that were considered as the dark side can be loved, and to reach a state where we can transcend nihilism.