Kokomirai Channel High School Ethics Buddhism

  • The Controversy of Worshiping Buddha

    • Whether to promote the gods (Buddhism) of the neighboring country
    • Mononobe vs. Soga
  • Prince Shotoku

    • Like a Prime Minister who loves Buddhism
    • Seventeen-Article Constitution
      • Influenced by Buddhism and Confucianism
    • Last Will: “The world is empty and only Buddha is true”
      • A phrase that shows understanding of Thoughts on Emptiness
      • The world is in a state of various distinctions, which are considered to be empty and temporary
  • From there, to Nara Buddhism

    • Protecting the country with Buddhism, leading to State Buddhism
    • Emperor Shomu, Todaiji Temple, and Kokubunji Temple were built extensively
    • Ganjin: A Buddhist monk from overseas
    • Gyoki: A person who worked hard on volunteer activities
    • Nanto Rokushu: Six Buddhist research groups, like a SIG (Special Interest Group)?
  • To Buddhism in the Heian period

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