The Fear and Anxiety of Pursuing a Path that Seems “Elite”


  • With the aim of finding a place where I can enjoy my university life and post-graduation life, I have been aspiring to attend prestigious universities like the University of Tokyo and US universities.
  • I haven’t been able to articulate my feelings very well yet.
  • Personally, I thought that going to a place where there are many “strong” people would be more enjoyable.
  • However, this means pursuing a path that is often referred to as “elite.”
  • I feel a vague fear associated with this.
  • I am intentionally using the term “elite” to refer to the nuance I feel about it.
  • I don’t know if others feel the same nuance.
  • I want to articulate this nuance more (blu3mo).

Rin Yamabe (@carpediem_530)

Everyone is forced to confront their insignificance when they transition from being a “super high school student” to a university student… or so it should be, but in the realm of 🇺🇸overseas universities🇺🇸 (where you can appear to be someone just by being affiliated, without doing anything), that’s not the case.

  • I remembered this, but it feels a bit different.
  • This phenomenon is scary in its own right, but I feel like what I want to discuss on this page is slightly different.
  • Well, I feel like asking Rin for advice on this.
  • There was a time about two years ago when there was a phase of being a “super high school student” (calling oneself a ○○ high school student), and I think what Rin is talking about is related to that (tkgshn).
    • I talked about this with my ex-girlfriend on the phone.
  • So, I think it’s very healthy that (blu3mo) is aware of this.
  • Rather than being “elite,” it’s more like there is a gap between what one has actually achieved and what is expected, closer to Impostor Syndrome.
    • I feel like I have resolved that point quite well within myself (blu3mo).
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    • What I wanted to say is, these two issues are surprisingly similar, don’t you think? (tkgshn)
  • Personally, I recommend reading the book “Atlas Shrugging,” which is said to be the second most read book after the Bible in the elite circles of America (tkgshn).