Personally, I’m not a fan of the idea that in the “XR (VR, AR, MR combined) world advocated by the Metaverse, humanity will undergo a new evolution…” context. I mean, wearing a VR headset all the time is just painful, isn’t it? My honest opinion is that I might be able to endure it for about an hour a day, at most.

  • I’m not really comfortable with this kind of argument.
    • It feels like denying the future vision by mentioning the current non-essential technical constraints (such as the inconvenience of VR headsets).
      • Not considering technological advancements.
    • As someone who leans towards optimism for the future, I’m not really into this kind of discussion.
      • +1 (tkgshn)
      • (Of course, depending on the purpose of the discussion, short-term realism should also be taken into account) (blu3mo)
      • I totally understand (u7693)(u7693)(u7693)

Digital textbooks: Limiting the use to videos and audio: Editorial: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

  • Flipping through pages, marking with markers, and writing in notebooks. These activities are essential for memory and deep understanding. Excessive efficiency in learning through digitization may have the opposite effect.

  • Textbooks should be based on “paper,” while digital resources should be utilized for videos and audio, limited to supplementary use.

  • (It’s a bit selective to quote only the parts I want to criticize, but) I feel like this is a similar situation.
    • I also feel like my understanding of what can be done in this regard is quite limited.

Similar? (tkgshn)