• By converting all my everyday items to USB-C, I have made it possible to charge everything with just one cable.

    • This is really convenient.
  • iPhones tend to be a bottleneck, but I solve this problem by always charging my iPhone through a MagSafe Battery.

    • For example, using the Anker MagGo.
    • It’s quite comfortable.
  • The advantage of having only one cable is the simplicity.

  • But more importantly, the simplicity of having only one type of cable reduces complexity.

    • It reduces entropy.
    • It’s simple because you can plug in any cable.

Check out My 40-liter Backpack Travel Guide (Vitalik) for more information.

As you might have noticed, a key ingredient in making this work is to be a USB-C maximalist. You should strive to ensure that every single thing you buy is USB-C-friendly. Your laptop, your phone, your toothbrush, everything. This ensures that you don’t need to carry any extra equipment beyond one charger and 1-2 charging cables. In the last ~3 years, it has become much easier to live the USB-C maximalist life; enjoy it!