Learning Hangul (blu3mo)

  • I’m going to Korea, Seoul, so

    • Return to Japan 202212-202301
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c76RtymHtA

  • This seems good.

  • I think it’s more convenient to use materials designed for Japanese speakers when learning a language. (blu3mo)


  • 3, 4: The mouth shape for “あ” is like “お” or “よ”, a muffled feeling.

    • For 3, 어 is closer to “eo” (lnlog)
    • 오 has a puckered mouth feeling, 어 has a pulled back chin and an open throat feeling (lnlog)
    • image
  • 5, 6: Japanese “お”, “よ”

  • 9: Pull the mouth back and say “う”

  • It’s like the sound of y with two lines.


  • For the first one, it’s a voiced sound, for the second one and onwards, it’s voiceless.

  • The double one:

    • Attach ッ in front and imagine tightening the throat.