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    • I watched it at SHIMOKITA COLLEGE.
      • I thought it was fun to watch movies with a lively atmosphere (blu3mo).


“It’s too bright and makes me feel uncomfortable.” The positive image of “bright” and the negative image of “uncomfortable” coexist.

  • I understand (blu3mo) (blu3mo)

This juxtaposition of conflicting images is the worldview that I aim for, and in fact, this image was inspired by Mr. Hirasawa’s music. (excerpt from director Satoshi Kon’s message comment in the film “Paprika”)

  • @blu3mo: I watched Paprika, it was an interesting experience.

  • I want to watch it in an immersive environment (cinema, VR, etc.)

  • Also, I love music.

  • @blu3mo: Also, I personally like the depiction of “Tokyo” from above in anime (I think AKIRA had a scene like that too).

  • The massive foundation of human collectives is exposed to the freedom of anime, being swallowed or distorted as it pleases (?)