It seems like they have created a circle at the University of Tsukuba called “Make It Tsukuba” with the aim of creating various incredible apps and systems to make the lives of Tsukuba University students easier. @tamtam_rairai April 11, 2021

The circle is called “Tsukuba University Convenience Society” in English, and its English name is “Make IT TSUKUBA (MIT)“!!! @BoufrawFrodo2 April 11, 2021

  • It is similar to the GKA Digital Committee Proposal.

  • To all the apartment residents in Tsukuba,

  • I am currently operating a LINE Bot that notifies you about the garbage collection information for the day (or the next day) for my personal use, and it has been quite useful so far, so I am making it public.

  • Please feel free to use it.

  • @[[ItyuJ]] [April 11, 2021](
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    • Great idea!