• From a normal perspective, it can be said that supporting various aspects makes humans smarter.

  • However, depending too much on technology can be perceived as reducing what one can do, leading to a decrease in capabilities.

  • Is kineto about enhancing learning abilities?

#design for Whom p394

#sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

#technologies for Intellectual Production

  • Before the prevalence of computers and search engines, there was a sense of inconvenience in intellectual production.
  • From what I’ve read in books, it seems evident that technology has significantly increased human intellectual productivity.
    • However, I also sense the intangible benefits.

#the Three-Body Problem 2

  • “Are you trying to accelerate the evolution of the human brain through the power of technology?” “We have been researching brain science for a long time. We should focus more on that research and expand it to the scale of a planetary defense system. If we make a desperate effort for a century or two, we might be able to enhance human intelligence and enable future science to break free from the cage of ignorance.” “In the field of brain science, the word ‘intelligence’ has various meanings, but what specifically do you mean by it?” “The broadest sense of intelligence. Not just the ability to think logically, but also includes learning, imagination, and creativity. The ability to accumulate common sense and experience while maintaining intellectual vitality throughout life. Enhancing mental endurance to be able to think continuously for long periods without feeling fatigued by the brain. It may even be possible to consider eliminating the need for sleep. And various other aspects.” “How do you plan to proceed? Do you have any ideas, even rough ones?” “Not at the moment. Perhaps, in the future. Maybe we can directly connect the brain with a computer and enhance human intelligence using the computer’s processing power. Or by directly connecting human brains to build a network, we might be able to process the thoughts of many individuals in parallel. Or perhaps, transferring memories between people. However, regardless of the path chosen to enhance intelligence, the first thing to do is to fundamentally understand the mechanisms of the brain.” “That is precisely our field of research.”

#embodied Cognition

  • (In the context of the field of medicine) It is not good for technology to provide too much support.
  • It is conceivable to think about things like sustainability between humans and technology, as on p128.