• I want to consider a fun route for mental stability (blu3mo).

Rieko Komiyama | Director of the Study Supri Education AI Research Institute | Associate Professor at Tokyo Gakugei University Graduate School (@RiekoKomiyama)

Life is 100 years long. When we are students, we tend to think about things like “What if I have to repeat a year?”, “What if I study abroad?”, or “What if I take a gap year?“. But there are no disadvantages to spending a year differently from others. Once you become a working adult, the seniority system can be turned upside down. In fact, companies that have people who are old but lack skills and act superior will decline. https://twitter.com/RiekoKomiyama/status/1479940367407808512?t=QWzvpTRJPaLDzus-JzkDUA&s=19

  • I feel that it’s good to have an experience of living without any predetermined paths.

    • By “paths,” I mean things like high school or college.
    • In a way, it’s similar to the “Mito” program, where you are given a goal to achieve.
    • It’s important to have the experience of living in an environment where everything you do and your goals are completely up to you.
      • Honestly, I have a lot of anxiety about what I would do if I fail to get into college, but overcoming that experience seems valuable.
      • Also, even if I do get into college, I think it’s important not to see it as a predetermined path or a period of moratorium.
    • It seems like it’s related to having street smarts.
  • It’s also important to deal with the pride that may have unnecessarily inflated during the extended process of preparing for exams.

  • It’s somewhat reassuring to see some examples of people in the information field who are one or two years ahead and have chosen not to go to college.

  • The challenge of having an experience equivalent to attending university without actually going to one.

    • MOOC + Shimokitazawa College
  • Living in a Way that Clears the Fog of the World

  • https://twitter.com/brain_sfc/status/1482596239191740416?s=20

  • A story about the overseas university entrance exams that could be buried in survival bias. | BONNE | note