• I don’t quite understand it.

    • I’m slightly avoiding it because it feels like a buzzword similar to SDGs.
    • I see (takker) (nishio)
  • I was wondering what to name the generation after Z, and it seems that those born in 2010 and later are called the Alpha Generation.

    • Is that okay? LOL
  • Is it a characteristic to open up various things in a closed context? (I read something like that somewhere)

Awareness of ‘Generations’

It bothers me that people who are not sure if they can be grouped together are being simplified under the label of the Z generation. It is common to categorize things with differences as the same using a single word, and this seems to be one of those phenomena.

I think that the talk of “young people these days” has been repeated since ancient times, and it’s just being presented as if it’s a bit smarter (nishio).

I wonder who started using this word in the first place (takker). Well, I don’t think there’s any profit in knowing that.