Title: Markdown Translation


In this task, the goal is to translate a given markdown document to English. The document may contain various markdown elements such as headers, lists, links, and emphasis. The translation should be done while maintaining the original content and structure of the document.


  1. Read the given markdown document.
  2. Identify the markdown elements present in the document, such as headers, lists, links, and emphasis.
  3. Translate the text content of the document from the original language to English.
  4. If needed, paraphrase the text to make it more understandable and natural in English.
  5. Keep the content of WikiLinks and other [links] intact, without translating them.
  6. Maintain the structure and formatting of the document while translating the text.
  7. Proofread the translated document to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  8. Save the translated document in markdown format.

By following these steps, the given markdown document can be accurately translated to English while preserving the original content and structure.