#improving Life

Morning Time

  • I have been able to improve my ability to “wake up early” by going to bed early.
    • However, it is difficult to use the time afterwards effectively.
    • It’s better to sleep than to just laze around in bed.
  • Things that have worked well for me so far:
    • It is easier to do things that can be done passively, like watching video lectures.
    • Going outside once in a while is important.
      • Combining breakfast with a walk.
  • Current challenges:
    • The irregular timing of activities like taking a shower and brushing my teeth consumes cognitive resources.
      • I have to make a decision every time, like whether to take a shower after 24 hours have passed since the last one, and this irregularity often interrupts other tasks.
      • This has caused me to freeze and get into a deadlock state several times.
      • I want to establish a regular timing for these activities.
    • I feel sleepy in the morning.
      • I want to wake up my eyes.
  • Things I will do in the future:
    • I want to make taking a shower in the morning a daily habit.
      • If possible, I will do Prisoner Training before that. If I feel sleepy, I will prioritize taking a shower to wake up my eyes. Strength training seems better to do after taking a shower becomes a habit.


  • Things have been going pretty bad recently.
    • AP
      • My homework has been mediocre and I could have put more effort into exams.
    • Physics
      • Same as above.
    • Phil
      • I have started to neglect reading.
  • As a general problem,