• What should I talk about?

About Short Presentations:

  • Please keep it to 5 minutes! It’s not as strict as the judging committee, so a little plus or minus is fine.
  • You can use the slides from the final judging committee as a base and add content based on the following question items (= it’s okay to not create new slides).

Question Items (Slides): Please pick a few and incorporate them into your slides.

  • Roles and responsibilities of team members
  • How did you decide on/find the problem?
  • Difficulties and challenges faced
  • How were they overcome?
  • Future plans or is it temporarily finished?
  • Additional things to add:

Question Items (Cross Talk): We will ask these questions in order during the cross talk time. It would be great if you could think about them in advance! For the questions marked with ☆, we would like you to share them with everyone and prepare your answers in advance.

  • What would you like to ask other teams? (How did they create that? What did they do in such situations?)
  • What do you think is the most important thing in team development?
  • How did you research the problem?
  • How did you develop as a team?
  • How was it compared to last year?