Write down the direction you want to move in. In the United States, I was able to create a foundation for a stable and happy life. For the coming year, I want to discover more interesting things. So far, I feel that there are more interesting things in Tokyo than in NYC and more interesting people at the University of Tokyo than at Columbia. However, it is mostly a matter of my ability to find interesting things/people. I want to actively seek out things that I find interesting within and outside of the university. This is something I can do now that my life has become more stable. - Maybe I’ve made some progress..? - Participating in various hackathons was a great experience. - Stanford TreeHacks 2023, MIT Reality Hack 2023 - I feel like I dipped my toes into the Japanese design engineering community. - Parsons’ Gathering @ The Parlor - I made quite an effort to engage with people in this regard. - I couldn’t attend the niche study groups at Columbia as I had hoped. - However, I was able to participate in an online phenomenology reading group through UT-virtual, which was good. - I also attended a couple of local events. - I feel that asserting my own interesting qualities is important to meet interesting people. - Therefore, I also feel the need to share my projects and thoughts with others. - I plan to publish an article summarizing my goals and current activities soon. - I did this in Japanese for now. - Polymorphic Reality - Towards a Smoothly Connected Subjective Metaverse - Virtual Spacetime: Model, Technology, and Applications of Spacetime without Physical Constraints - Writing these articles was very helpful in organizing my thoughts. - However, while I tweeted about them, they weren’t read much by people. - It seems that topics like Lorentz and Work Delivery to Future Self garnered more attention (several hundred RTs). Related: Living in a Way that Clears the Fog of the World, Plan to Expand Relationships in Spring 2023 As a metaphor and in actual applications, I want to clear The Mist of the World.