• Writing down thoughts that have come to mind after half a year has passed.

  • Ultimately, feeling that both Japan and the United States have their own strengths and weaknesses as learning environments, making it hard to determine which is better.

    • While various aspects like diversity and the level of education can be discussed, I believe others would cover those topics.
  • Despite that, finding meaning in living outside the so-called Comfort Zone.

    • It’s not about “growing by leaving the comfort zone.”
      • (Though depending on the scale, it might feel achievable, but that’s not the point I want to discuss.)
    • Acknowledging that life may be meaningless, I have started to believe in Living in a Way that Clears the Fog of the World as a way to spend my time, even though it lacks a solid basis.
      • While there’s no solid foundation, I have a desire to drive my life in a certain way.
      • Perhaps a form of Active Nihilism?
    • For instance, when considering the concept of Happiness per hour, I might think that being in Japan could offer a higher level of happiness.
  • Being in the United States allows for easier participation in events within the country, which I found to be a positive aspect.

  • As mentioned in various places, I still feel like it’s a matter of Is it happiness to affirm the current situation and aim for gradual progress?,

    • Finding joy in current life, actively engaging in mysterious and fun experiences, and gradually accumulating them without pressure seems to lead to a state of Living in a Way that Clears the Fog of the World.
    • (Although this is not the main goal,) I also think it seems beneficial from the perspective of personal growth.
  • In pursuing Living in a Way that Clears the Fog of the World, I believe that acquiring the ability similar to ”The Power to Live Outside the Comfort Zone” would be useful.

    • The ability to find enjoyment in new environments and create mental stability, among other skills.
    • I feel that I have significantly developed this ability over the past six months.


  • University of Tokyo has been very enjoyable, and I have been thinking about this issue a lot recently (blu3mo).
    • Honestly, the prospect of having a fun four years at the University of Tokyo seems quite promising.
      • The community is very interesting, the liberal arts curriculum at Komaba is enjoyable, and there are various opportunities available at Hongo in the third and fourth years.
      • (While I believe extrapolating the carefree University of Tokyo life during the gap term to a four-year experience is inaccurate, I still anticipate that four years at the University of Tokyo will definitely be enjoyable.)
    • Amidst this, I was quite troubled around the first half of June by the question of why I am choosing the uncertain Columbia over the seemingly enjoyable University of Tokyo..?
    • While attempting to compare University of Tokyo vs. Columbia, I feel that choosing the university with higher expectations of happiness is practically impossible.
      • Of course, there are many exciting things in NYC as well.
      • However, due to the high uncertainty of life at Columbia and the even more random nature of post-university life, making a comparison is challenging.
    • With that in mind, the clear reason for choosing Columbia that remains is the expectation of experiencing things/people/worlds I have never seen before (blu3mo).
      • Living in a Way that Clears the Fog of the World, valuing the pursuit of uncertainty itself.
      • (It feels like I am suppressing the fear of uncertainty with the expectation and faith in Living in a Way that Clears the Fog of the World.)
        • (In reality, unless there are significant reasons like scholarships, I believe I am somewhat forcing myself to justify the decision to go to the U.S. and cannot easily turn back.)- After arriving in the United States, I really felt that Columbia University was like the University of Tokyo. I think it’s important to have the courage to turn back if needed.
  • In the first half of June, I was starting to lose this feeling a bit, but as I looked at advice from Columbia Seniors and Others and things to look forward to in NYC, I got excited and my feelings were revived.
  • I’ve written about why I want to go to an American university in Why Go to a University in the United States before, but in the end, it’s all about this (blu3mo)(blu3mo)(blu3mo).


  • It’s a bit late, but I thought it’s important not to forget the mindset of “doing things that can only be done there in a limited time” as I read the above.
    • With regular studying abroad, the local environment becomes the default, so this perspective is easily forgotten.

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