Considering My Earphones 202302

I bought the Shokz OpenRun Pro in Considering My Earphones 202206, but I lost them at Stanford TreeHacks 2023.

  • Sad (blu3mo)
  • I also lost my Beats Studio 3.
  • Earphones are definitely disposable (blu3mo).
  • I wonder if there are any that can be attached to an AirTag.
  • The wireless Beats that cost around 5000 yen are compatible with Find My, so I’ll use them for now.
    • Purchased ✅
    • Of course, the sound quality is worse than Beats headphones, but it’s understandable for the price.
    • I’ll just end up losing them again, so there’s no point in buying expensive ones.

Since earphones are still uncomfortable, I want bone conduction earphones or headphones.

  • I looked for ones with USB-C charging, Tile or Find My compatibility, and decent quality.
    • The Skullcandy Hesh ANC fit the criteria.
    • I couldn’t find any other options besides Skullcandy.
  • If it’s not a USB-C Maximalist, the Beats Studio Pro with Find My seems good.