ChatGPT understands Language Mix Sentences.

  • When using ChatGPT, it is not a problem to suddenly mix Japanese in English instructions.
    • For example, instructions like “rewrite this email. make it more formal and 簡潔” would still be understood.
  • This feature can also be used when cleaning up rough sentences with ChatGPT.
    • It can take sentences that mix Japanese and English and turn them into clean English or Japanese sentences.

As Language Mix Sentences become more prevalent, the language spoken by future humans may become a mixture of multiple languages.

  • Since the LLM interface will appropriately translate the language, it doesn’t matter which language is used to refer to a concept.
  • from Language Mix Sentences
  • If language mixing becomes more common, would it increase the resolution of cognition as described in Ambiguity of Katakana Words?

  • Language mixing is the act of introducing a way of conceptual differentiation from multiple languages.

  • Once multiple ways of differentiation are layered, concepts can be divided more finely, increasing resolution.