• It’s not necessarily exciting to be able to present information in a higher-dimensional framework.
    • Even if we could create a two-dimensional experience of time, it wouldn’t necessarily be satisfying in itself.
    • In fact, it might become more confusing and harder to understand.
  • What is exciting is being able to present information in the optimal spacetime framework that suits the situation and preferences.
    • For example, if you dislike Turn-Based Communication, you might find ParallelTalk in a multidimensional time more enjoyable.
    • By considering a wider range of spacetime frameworks instead of simply copying the traditional physical time and space, we have more options to choose from.



  • To eliminate the constraints, I feel like there are two things to do.

  • Approaches to creating a sense of immersion

    • I actually don’t know what to do to achieve this.
    • It’s just on a conceptual level.