Getting a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in 5 years


  • Is it available for computer science?
  • It seems to be available for electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and mechanical engineering.
  • Undergraduate housing and financial aid is not provided beyond what would normally be the senior year of undergraduate studies. Beyond the fourth year, standard graduate tuition rates apply. In the past, some students in the program have worked as course lab assistants or graders to help cover some of the costs of their fifth year, although the availability of such positions cannot be guaranteed.

  • Is it not fixed to 5 years?
    • If you have the ability, can you complete it in 4 years and get a Master’s degree?
    • This is probably what 柳井壮行会20220713 did.
      • It seems like they completed the equivalent of Columbia Early Graduation and obtained a Master’s degree in 1 year.
      • Amazing.

It seems that other graduate schools also have similar programs.

Similar to Columbia 3-2 and 4-1 Programs, I wonder what happens with scholarships in this case?

  • I guess you won’t receive scholarships in the 5th year.
  • It depends on finding other sources of funding.
  • If you have the ability to finish it in 4 years like 柳井壮行会20220713, can you cover it with Yanaai?
    • I actually want to research how realistic this is.