Exploring the React 100ms sample Quickstart Guide | 100ms

You can use this app to test: Basic functionalities: Video calling, Recording, Interactive live streaming (HLS), External streaming (RTMP), Screenshare, and Picture-in-Picture (PiP).

  • HLS and RTMP are important for ParallelTalk.

Interactive features: Chat (broadcast, direct, & group), Raise hand. Plugins: Virtual background, Collaborative whiteboard, Noise suppression.

The app also includes other features and capabilities like custom audio/video tracks, control remote peers, network quality and performance stats, adaptive bitrate (Simulcast), and more.

  • I’m interested in custom audio/video.


  • Concepts

  • Room: When we join a conference call, the participants are said to be in a video call room.

  • Peer: A participant in the video call. You are the local peer while others are remote peers.

  • Track: Media. There are two types of tracks a peer can have - audio and video.

  • What is HMS?
    • It stands for hundred milliseconds.
  • The hmsStore is also reactive, which means any component using the HMSStore hook will re-render when the slice of the state, it listens to, changes. This allows us to write declarative code.

    • I see.
    • Is the store similar to Redux store?