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About Myself in 2024

Bluemo / My Name is Shutaro Aoyama

  • I am a sophomore at Columbia University in New York, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Philosophy.
  • Sun Microsystems Scholarship Foundation 1st term / IPA Unexplored ‘20 / Masayoshi Yamada Foundation 6th term

I like designing the “reality” that is perceived and shared through computers

Particularly, I am interested in designing the “asymmetry of reality”

  • Premise: There is no objective reality, and reality is created based on individual subjective perceptions.
  • Through computers, in the “shared” reality (internet space, AR/VR space, time, language space, etc.), one can freely design the asymmetry of each individual’s subjective perception.#intersubjectivity
  • This is referred to as Asymmetric Reality
  • [Asynchronously Assigning, Monitoring, and Managing Assembly Goals in Virtual Reality for High-Level Robot Teleoperation]
  • [asym-chat (Anjasshu State Chat)]
  • Product development of an online lecture environment to facilitate real-time student communication in asynchronous lectures
    • [kineto]
    • Selected for IPA Unexplored 2020

While working on research and product development, I aim to establish design theories

  • I find fulfillment in expanding the possibilities of the future while going back and forth between abstraction and concreteness.

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