CHOCOLATELikes Section Selection Process by blu3mo

@inc_CHOCOLATE: We are recruiting planner interns to join CHOCOLATE. We welcome students who love all kinds of entertainment, regardless of genre. Please show us a glimpse of your passion through your “Likes Section”. Applications can be submitted through the form below. We look forward to receiving many applications. image

@2r96: I think it’s important to understand what kind of things appear interesting when seen from the person’s perspective in the “Likes Section” selection process. So, it might not be necessary to show your actual “Likes Section” (you can build it on the spot).

  • I agree, the regular “Likes Section” is also used for communication, so it may not be suitable for the selection process (blu3mo)
  • It’s tough that you can’t like tweets on Twitter until the selection process is over, once you’ve applied haha

What would I do if it were me?

  • I thought about mechanically searching for tweets with large text images and creating a cut-and-paste style message like a ransom note.
    • It might not align with the purpose of the selection process, but it could be funny.
    • omoshiroiî(tkgshn)