from Physics 1602 Exam Preparation

  • Finding a Solution for Physics 1602 Special Relativity

  • Todo that I was writing

    • I want to reread 10.4~10.7 because I have a vague understanding (blu3mo)(blu3mo)
      • Physics 1600 10. Special relativity I
      • Review of causality
    • Look at Class 1/31, 2/2
    • Check from 11.2.8 onwards
  • Organize the current situation

    • What I don’t understand
    • What I can’t do
      • I didn’t understand pset 3, 4 at all
        • The answers are available, so I want to decipher them while referring to the textbook
  • Organize the desired state

    • I want to fully understand all the content necessary to solve problems
    • Fully understand the content of pset
  • What should I do

    • It might be good to just go through and make notes as usual
      • I want to clarify the relevance
      • Should I try using Apple’s Freeform or something similar?
      • Hmm, but it probably won’t be the most time-efficient
        • If I want to have a lasting understanding even after a year, it might be good, but it’s not a means of maximizing exam scores


  • For now, solve the prep exam as the top priority
    • I’ve learned that leaving this kind of thing behind only causes trouble later
  • Let’s write down the things I don’t understand
    • Things I Don’t Understand about the Theory of Relativity


  • If I read 10.5.5 and 10.6, the 10th chapter should be okay for now
  • I’m gradually losing understanding of Chapter 11, but let’s fill in the gaps while doing exam problems and pset
    • I can probably find them with dr-doc-search
    • Focus on 1 and 2
    • Decipher 3 and 4
  • pset
    • I should have a basic understanding of 1 and 2
    • I’m struggling with the beginning of 3 and 4
      • If I can overcome this, I can probably survive the exam
    • 5 is not a problem, and I just need to check the end of 6


  • First, I want to have confidence in chapter 10