Feeling of not wanting to end as a toy-making entertainer LLM

Date: April 15, 2024

The feeling of not wanting to end as an LLM toy-making entertainer exists, but because it’s easier to create things that don’t exist in the world of LLM-related topics, I find myself doing it (link).

  • I don’t want to spend my life creating new things with superficial techniques just to follow trends, so I want to maintain moderation in my approach.
  • I saw this elsewhere first, so I didn’t write it here, but it’s really interesting. I thought there is a potential to grow into something more than just a “toy” (link).
    • Well, computers were considered toys just a few decades ago.
    • I think it’s also a strategy to quickly create things that can be created quickly.
      • It’s like “100 people come up with an idea, 10 start working on it, and only 1 person completes it” kind of situation.
      • I think progressing swiftly to the point where you can release something is an achievement.
  • I want a lot of toys (Haruhi) (link).
  • I received comments that made it clear, but what I want to self-criticize is not the “toy” part, but the “entertainer” part (link).
    • By using trendy techniques to create interesting things individually and sharing them, you can get a certain level of response.
    • This is fun and satisfies the need for approval, so I find myself doing it.
    • However, link wants to create something that is not limited to just one idea but becomes part of a larger design theory.
      • This is a more diligent process, so I want to be able to progress step by step in that direction as well.
    • Nevertheless, this is disrespectful to real “entertainers” so it’s not a good expression.

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