• @Shimokitazawa?

    • It became Harajuku/Omotesando.
  • w/ (axokxi)(fuka)(s7tya)

    • I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to rely on someone around here.
    • Just when everyone was available, I decided to rely on everyone.
    • Thank you (blu3mo)(blu3mo)(blu3mo)(blu3mo)(blu3mo).
  • Impressions

    • I’m glad I had friends who went along with this, I’m really grateful (blu3mo)(blu3mo)(blu3mo).
    • It was a very good experience to be able to see things that I couldn’t see before.
      • I became aware of parameters that I hadn’t recognized.
        • The concept of wearing multiple layers, even in summer.
        • Wearing a belt or accessories.
      • I started observing the clothes of people around me.
      • I found clothing stores interesting.
        • I started noticing things that I hadn’t noticed before while walking around the city.
        • I became curious about things like “Oh, this store has this kind of clothes.”
    • It was really good that I bought somewhat expensive and unique clothes for the first time.
      • If it’s below this level, I can think “Is this all?” so I’m not scared (?).
    • Communication with store clerks is important.
      • It’s difficult to rely on just one person, so I’m glad I came with friends.
    • Overall, it was a very good experience and learning opportunity.
      • It was fun, I learned something, and gained a new perspective.

Log below

I was trying to grab it and pull it from the inside of the showcase mannequin.

  • I’m sorry (blu3mo).

nico and… imageimage

  • I bought the top and bottom in the right photo.
  • Tucking in
    • I just felt bloated.
    • This seems strict if you’re not slim.
  • “I see! It’s not enough to just wear one piece of clothing!”

    • Lesson learned (blu3mo)
      • There are parameters that can be controlled, not just the top and bottom, but also accessories, jackets, etc.
  • Store clerk: “There’s a place to put a belt through…”

  • “Ah! You can put a belt through it.”

Public Tokyo image

  • It might be good to have something as simple as this as my basic outfit.

  • image

  • Having subtle accessories makes you look stylish.

  • Also, I have very little knowledge, but I feel like this looks best on people with warm undertones and a spring complexion.

  • It might be good to try refreshing blue shirts or vibrant clothes.

  • image

    • Photo of a purchase worth 43,000 yen.
    • I did it.
      • Well, worth the price.
  • image

And there seems to be a rule that you shouldn’t put good clothes in the washing machine and dryer, so be careful.

  • I see (blu3mo).
  • Well, to what extent.