Summary: This page discusses the purpose and value of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) research, the challenges of the research process, and reflections on future research topics. It also mentions participation in a workshop at UIST and the formation of a research group with a friend.

Interesting point: The question about the purpose and value of HCI research highlights the importance for scientists to constantly consider the impact of their research on society.

Alternative: To understand the value of HCI research, it may be effective to evaluate its impact through specific examples.

Critical analysis: When choosing research topics, it is important to provide new perspectives based on existing research, but there is a lack of discussion on which perspectives should be emphasized in the process.

Question: What are the specific criteria for evaluating the value of HCI research?

Summary: This page discusses collaborative research with Ritar. Specifically, it mentions generating haptic feedback for digital data using a language model and making directories explorable as open-world games.

Interesting point: The idea of generating haptic feedback for digital data expands the possibilities of VR technology and is highly innovative.

Alternative: It would be helpful to have a more detailed explanation of the specific methods for generating haptic feedback for digital data.

Critical analysis: This research is highly innovative, but there is a lack of discussion on its feasibility and specific applications.

Question: What technologies are needed to generate haptic feedback for digital data? What are some potential applications for this?

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