Summary: This workshop discussed the integration of XR and AI, mentioning survey papers from CHI 23 and topics related to AI agents. The combination of XR and AI has the potential to create new interactive experiences, making research in this field increasingly important with technological advancements.

Key points: By discussing specific use cases and implementation examples, theoretical discussions can be translated into tangible forms. However, due to limited detailed information about the workshop content, specific discussion points and conclusions remain unclear.

Question: What new possibilities do you think the integration of XR and AI can open up?

Summary: Notable presentations at UIST2023 include ÔÇťSensecape,ÔÇŁ enabling non-linear communication with large language models, and ÔÇťCells, Generators, and Lenses,ÔÇŁ which views large language models as objects. These studies proposing new interaction methods with large language models showcase new possibilities for communication with AI.

Key points: Providing specific use cases and implementation examples of these studies can help translate theoretical discussions into tangible forms. However, lack of detailed information about the content and results of these studies makes detailed analysis challenging.

Question: In what specific use cases do you think the new interaction methods proposed by these studies can be applied?

Summary: The scrapbox-duplicator is a tool for duplicating Scrapbox pages, transferring only those with [public.icon] in the page title. This tool facilitates sharing and backing up information by duplicating Scrapbox content to other locations.

Key points: Allowing users to freely select pages to duplicate can enhance the toolÔÇÖs flexibility. The tool requires users to take responsibility for its use and recommends backing up data, thereby informing users of the risks associated with its usage.

Question: What measures do you think are necessary to minimize risks when using this tool?