I want to talk about “Virtual Spacetime: Model, Technology, and Applications of Spacetime without Physical Constraints”. I wrote something about it for now.

My enthusiastic thoughts:

  • This theory seems really interesting and could lead to various research and applications.
  • It could potentially be a topic for future theses or dissertations.

My critical and negative thoughts:

  • I feel like someone has already extensively researched and studied this theory, so my research skills might be lacking if I can’t find related previous studies.
  • It’s not a complex analysis, just random thoughts or shallow considerations. (However, even if it’s just random thoughts from a first-year undergraduate, it’s still acceptable.)
  • It feels like I’m just connecting things I’ve seen or created without any depth.
  • It’s too abstract, and there’s a lack of a “so what” factor.
  • So, what should I do about it?

Well, it’s interesting in its own way, and if I continue with more specific research, it could become even more fascinating, I guess…?

Regarding “202305 Virtual Time / What to do with ParallelTalk-related research”:

Looking towards the future:

  • How is time sharing achieved and what is the common foundation for it?
  • The synchronization of breathing among other agents.
  • The recognition that people are sharing time.

Abstract and concrete time.

Synchronous and asynchronous.


Relative time, polymorphic speed.

What is a timeline?

  • Interpretation of the past and future prospects.

Interesting points:

  • What about “MetaChron”?

  • Is it reducible?

  • Personal changes, temporal prospects, attitudes towards the past and future.

  • Units of action, such as the time it takes for a cow to breathe.