from Fractal Reader Development and Management Diary Fractal Summary: 2024/5/9 Organizing hypotheses to be verified due to feeling sluggish

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    • It seems like the decline in the number of repeat users has stopped (blu3mo)

Feeling increasingly sluggish

  • The lack of a clear direction seems to be the cause
  • Even if I tweet the same thing on Japanese Twitter, I think only about 5% of the accumulated traffic will stick around
  • I want to go through the cycle of “formulating hypotheses and verifying with minimal resources”

Premises (policy on resource allocation in my life)

  • I don’t intend to invest my development resources heavily in this
    • I don’t particularly aspire to become a strong web engineer, so I don’t find the skills and experiences gained there very attractive
  • I will use my resources for business creation and decision-making (blu3mo)
    • I find great value in the knowledge and insights based on firsthand experiences gained there
    • There is also a motivation in enjoying new experiences#living like a mist in the world
    • I already feel like I have gained a perspective and way of thinking unique to business creators that I couldn’t get from research or hobby development (blu3mo)

Withdrawal criteria


  • Achieve MMR$1000 with Fractal Summary without using too many development resources

    • I will withdraw if this is proven wrong
    • 10 per month * 100 people, 100 per month * 10 people, $1000 per month * 1 person
    • Assuming a toC, the goal seems achievable

      • The goal seems achievable with customers who read papers

        • I feel a bit of awkwardness
          • Summarizing papers requires high expertise, which demands the performance of LLM
          • Processing and delving into PDF papers is challenging
            • Especially with formulas
        • But about 20% of users use it that way
      • The goal seems achievable with customers who read internet articles

      • The goal seems achievable with customers who summarize meeting transcripts

        • This seems quite feasible
        • About 10-20% of users seem to use it this way
        • It could also work with chat logs
        • Since this usage might not be well recognized, I’ll tweet about it to see the response
        • I want to grasp more specifically the idea of “people who summarize meeting transcripts”
          • I’m running an online salon for educators, and we have regular Zoom meetings, so I plan to try it there (kawahiii)
            • I tried summarizing last week’s meeting video with Fractal Summary (kawahiii)
              • The transcription accuracy was not sufficient (this is a glasp issue), and it was a bit hard to read without visible material sharing (kawahiii)
                • It might be good to delve into what type of transcription works best (nishio)
                  • In the case of Social Hack Day, we upload Zoom recordings to YouTube privately and use the transcript
              • Currently, it might be better to have meetings that don’t handle materials in a conversational format? (kawahiii)
              • I’ll try it out and see the reactions from customers (kawahiii)- “If there is a document sharing feature on the screen, just listening to the audio might not provide enough information, right?” (nishio)
  • “Oh, that’s helpful.” (blu3mo)

    • “Indeed, perhaps content that can be understood through text alone would be more appropriate.” (blu3mo)
  • Regarding YouTube and podcasts

  • There may be good customers other than the ones mentioned above.

    • Although not deeply considered, it seems like there could be interest from people reading legal documents or in educational settings.