• https://dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/166266.166290
    • The system “Where Were We” is a prototype that utilizes digital video capabilities to enable groups to incorporate recent event recordings into real-time activities. The research aims to explore how features like playback-while-recording and random access can significantly impact group work dynamics, identify challenges in using new digital multimedia tools for this purpose, and investigate how to design innovative systems based on limited observations of actual work activities.

Specifically, notes are used to find recorded events for replay: Joe joins late, around 20 minutes in—Ron suggests he watches a key segment of Gail’s introductory video and the discussions around his marked segments: “clamshell” and “vertical clam?” Joe catches up quickly and engages in the real-time interaction.

It’s impressive how our previous project We were here - Pseudo-synchronous VR Experience inadvertently provides a neat answer to “where were we” (blu3mo)