Living on Welfare Because I Don’t Want to Work: My Life Has Become Richer

The article discusses the impact on one’s perspective on life after considering the idea of living on welfare. The author had jokingly expressed a desire to escape the competitive society and retreat to the mountains for research, but encountering people who actually choose to “leave society” was a shock. This led to reflections on what one truly desires and needs to live, realizing that material possessions and large amounts of money may not be as essential as commonly believed.

For the author, living a life centered around academic knowledge was the ultimate goal, requiring only books and an internet connection. The idea of pursuing this path brought a sense of relief, even if not actually pursued. The existence of such choices in life can bring a sense of ease in decision-making.

Considering the possibility of living through social security systems, the author questions the adequacy of Japan’s safety nets for a decent living. The discussion prompts contemplation on why individuals may not choose unconventional paths in life and highlights the importance of considering different options before following the mainstream.

The article also touches on the financial aspects of pursuing hobbies or academic endeavors outside the traditional workforce, pointing out the challenges of sustaining such pursuits without a stable income. It emphasizes the need to recognize alternative paths in life and make informed choices rather than blindly following societal norms.

The author raises concerns about the feasibility of such lifestyle choices within existing institutional frameworks and personal capabilities. While acknowledging the enjoyment of solitary pursuits, the author expresses hesitation about committing to a lifelong unconventional path due to the fear of stagnation and lack of change in life.

Lastly, the author reflects on the support received from scholarships and other individuals, acknowledging their role in one’s journey and expressing a desire to be mindful of their expectations while considering unconventional life choices.