• I did a lightning talk at the Mito Jr. Boost Conference ‘21.

Bluemo (@blu3mo): The communication atmosphere at the Mito Jr. Boost Conference was really great. https://twitter.com/blu3mo/status/1403964467336015884

Sho Hashimoto (@Introduction): The day before, I had already shared the project concept and progress videos on Scrapbox, and there were various questions written in. On the day of the conference, we started with a simple demo and went straight into a Q&A session. It was very intense. https://twitter.com/shokai/status/1403655682918813698

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  • I’m curious if Scrapbox’s perfect operation can be replicated in other communities.#reproducibility

    • I have a feeling that Scrapbox is a product that goes well with engineers, but I don’t have any confirmation.
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    • I wonder if the reason for the success at the Mito Jr. Boost Conference was because there were several Scrapbox power users among the organizers.
      • (/nishio/nishio)(/hackforplay/teramotodaiki), etc.
    • I would like to introduce it to Atelier Basi, but I haven’t been able to propose it because there is a good chance it won’t work well.
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